Kehl Associates Silences Gander Guns Ryan Chooses Kehl for Gander Mountain Acoustics Ryan Companies, design-build construction company for Gander  Mountain's pilot Gun Academy in Lake Mary, Florida,  brought Kehl  Associates on board for acoustical design for this project.  The  acoustical challenge was to design a cost effective means of providing sound isolation for the Live Firing Range, such that gun noise would not be heard in the Gander retail shopping space which was adjacent and connected to the Gun Academy. The new Gun Academies at Gander Mountain offer firearms training to the public featuring live firing ranges, virtual firing ranges, and  computerized scenario simulators identical to those used by the police and military.  Gander  Mountain  executives wanted  an  open, inviting entrance to the Gun Academy from the retail store, such that shoppers would be drawn to the Gun Academy but not hear it.  This goal intensified the acoustical and architectural design challenge.  Kehl  Associates created computer models simulating the  sound impact of various high powered hand guns in the Live Firing Range.  The models  simulated materials  for acoustical isolation and absorption, comparing  various construction methods and acoustical treatments against construction costs.   
Evaluation and design of the Live Firing Range walls, ceiling, and viewing windows were some of the key  tasks accomplished by the Acoustical Consultants.   The acoustical team also prescribed room finish  materials and STC’s for the academy’s Lobby, the  Classrooms, the Virtual Firing Range, and the Training Simulators.  Floor decouplers were prescribed for the Large Simulator to keep vibrations from the simulator floor “rumblers” from reaching the retail shopping  space. Kehl’s acoustical design incorporated into Ryan’s  architectural design met the goals set forth by Gander Mountain.     The project was a success. ACOUSTICAL DESIGN is one of the specialty design services offered by Kehl Associates.  We provide acoustical design services for all types of facilities.    
©2019 Kehl Associates LLC- All Rights Reserved Kehl Associates, LLC Minneapolis • Denver • Dallas • Phoenix         In 2019 we celebrate our 34th year as a consulting firm.  My personal thanks to our clients and friends who have made our first 33 years so successful and enjoyable.  I look forward to personally serving you for years to come.  Please feel free to contact me directly with any needs, questions, or comments.   Robert Kehl Founder & CEO email Robert Kehl        “If you want it done right, get Kehl Associates”           Director of Construction & Quality Assurance         University of Notre Dame  What We Do    Architectural Acoustics and System Design  Kehl Associates™ is a specialty consulting firm that provides design expertise in architectural acoustics, sound, audio-visual, theatrical lighting, and stage rigging systems.  Our designs are incorporated into Performing Arts Theatres, Churches, Educational and Athletic Facilities, Government and Corporate Facilities, and a diversity of other facility types.     Architectural Infrastructure for Technology  We help your architect design spaces that work for the technology by designing the infrastructure into the building to accommodate the systems in each space.  We critique room geometries and architectural features to ensure good hearing, viewing, sound, and lighting coverage, and adequate space for technology equipment and operation.  We define the electrical, structural, and mechanical systems requirements for proper operation of sound, video, lighting, and rigging systems.  We work with your building design team to incorporate this technology infrastructure into the design of the building.   Systems Design and Procurement  We design sound, video, lighting, and rigging systems that will serve the users needs and match the acoustics and geometric features of the individual spaces in the facility.  We  provide component level systems drawings, documentation, and specifications for bidding and procurement purposes.     Construction Management and Testing  We help manage the construction and systems installation, performing on-site inspections and testing to make sure everything is built and installed as intended.   Design-Build    We also offer Design-Build options that provide single-source design, sales, and installation of acoustical treatments as well as sound, audio-visual, theatrical lighting, and stage rigging systems.              6112 N Mesa Street Suite 7200 El Paso, TX  79912    888-881-5345 7900 International Drive Suite 300 - International Plaza  Minneapolis, MN  55425  612-332-5345