ACOUSTICAL and ORCHESTRA SHELL DESIGN as well as THEATRICAL LIGHTING, STAGE RIGGING,and SOUND SYSTEM DESIGN are some of the specialty design services offered by Kehl Associates.  We provide specialty design services for all types of facilities.   
Kehl Associates Receives Standing Ovation  Orchestra Shell Design Improves Drama as well as Music The dedication night for the newly renovated Fregeau Aditorium at Marshall College Prep School in Duluth, Minnesota was a gala event featuring brief performances by the school’s performing groups and a ceremony recognizing those that contributed to the project.  During the ceremony,  each design firm on the team was acknowledged with a round of applause for their involvement on the project.  As Kehl Associates™  was recognized for for their Acoustic and Orchestra Shell Design, the round of applause grew to a standing ovation.  It was a heartfelt experience for Robert Kehl, founder of Kehl Associates™,  who states, “I’ve never felt such appreciation for our design work.” The acoustics of the theater had been suffering from lack of musical presence and displayed poor intelligibility for oratory performances.  The unique orchestra shell designed by Kehl Associates™ had rectified both problems.   The design utilizes adjustable overhead reflectors that are deployed at various angles depending on the performance type,  musical or oratory For musical performances the overhead reflectors are deployed in a traditional manner to provide sound reflections to the on-stage performers as well as the audience. For drama and other oratory performances, the overhead reflectors are deployed at a steeper angle in order to   reflect stage sound to the audience through acoustically translucent stage teasers.  The teasers were selected and acoustically tested by Kehl Associates™ to ensure sufficient acoustical translucency and optical opacity.  The additional sound from the orchestra shell reflectors, passing through the stage teasers, successfully enhances speech intelligibility for oratory performances.   The design of the orchestra shell was challenged by the low height in the theatre’s modified fly space.  Close coordination with the lighting and rigging design produced a working solution.  Upon installation, Kehl Associates™ conducted an acoustical tuning session to fine tune the angles of the reflectors for various types of performances.  The results are a unique orchestra shell system with variably deployable reflectors that acoustically enhances music as well as drama and oratory performances with great success. The renovation also includes a new catwalk with additional lighting locations, revised rigging, new stage curtains, a new digital lighting console, and a new left-center-right sound system with digital mixing console.  In addition, accommodations were included for future systems including video projection, theatre sound effects, and virtual variable acoustics. .
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