DESIGN PROCESS Our design process utilizes a unique two-phased approach emphasizing design assistance to the project architect in outfitting the building for technologies  and incorporating architectural infrastructure for technology into the Building Construction Documents. Concurrently, or consecutively, we provide services to design the individual technology systems for which the building is to be outfitted (acoustics, sound, audio-visual and theatrical lighting, rigging, and drapery technologies) documenting them in the Systems Construction Documents. PHASE I -  TECHNOLOGY INFRASTRUCTURE DESIGN SERVICES These services help the project architect incorporate technology infrastructure into the building design. During this phase we define and document essentially everything the building will need to properly implement, accommodate, support, and integrate the desired technologies, current and future. This phase of services assists the architect and project engineers in preparing the Building Construction Documents, including Architectural, Electrical, Mechanical, and & Structural Construction Documents. Kehl Associates begins these services with discovery workshops to assess the needs of the client and the project. We then define and document the technology requirements of the project and associated budgets. We provide room geometry analysis and room shaping assistance to ensure that viewing angles, lighting angles, site lines, and acoustic goals are achieved architecturally. We design and document all technology infrastructure (architectural, electrical, mechanical, and structural) necessary to support the proposed equipment and acoustical materials. We work with the architect and project engineers to incorporate the infrastructure into the design of the building. Phase I services address the building design issues outlined below. ARCHITECTURAL ISSUES Theatrical lighting angles and resulting catwalk and  lighting instrument locations and space requirements Stage geometry and rigging layout and resulting structural beam locations and spaces requirements. Room geometry to accommodate acceptable site lines and viewing angles for screens or displays Room geometry requirements for appropriate screen size and screen height with respect to room depth Room volume and geometry to meet acoustical requirements Quantities, types, and locations of absorbent and reflective finish materials for appropriate room acoustics Materials and construction methods to achieve the desired noise isolation requirements Loudspeaker locations and coverage angles with respect to audience areas Projection throw distance and resulting projector locations and space requirements Camera shooting angles and resulting camera locations and space requirements User interface requirements and equipment control booth locations ELECTRICAL/STRUCTURAL/MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ISSUES Raceway, conduit. technical power, and grounding requirements for current and future systems Weight loads and structural attachment methods for current and future equipment Heat loads for current and future equipment Maximum NC (noise criteria) levels for current and future room functions PHASE II - SYSTEMS DESIGN SERVICES This phase of services is comprised of complete component level systems engineering services for the  systems. This phase includes the services necessary to design systems that will meet the Owner’s needs and budgets and to prepare bidding documents and specifications for procurement. During this phase of services Kehl Associates prepares the Systems Construction Documents for the Sound, Audio-Visual, and Theatrical Lighting, Rigging, and Drapery Systems, as well as special Acoustical Systems that are not part of the standard building materials. This phase of services may also includes construction management, commissioning, and acceptance testing services.
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